Solar Lifestyle
Solar Lifestyle

Renewable resources are taking over the marketplace, and for good reason. Not only are they beautifully designed, solar lifestyle products have cheaper overhead costs and they’re good for the environment. Fresh Source International is perfectly positioned to help you stay on top of this trend with our solar lifestyle line of products. Our solar designs include innovative lighting solutions in a range of in-demand styles. All of our products are manufactured using high quality materials according to strict quality specifications.

You can find Fresh Source International’s solar line at any major retailer.

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Everyone deserves products that are made to last, stylish, and affordable.

Fresh Source International gives you all three. Our products are manufactured for the highest quality using designs from our team based on the current research in trends. We pride ourselves on our quality, trendiness, and affordability. Fresh Source International focuses on customer-satisfaction to continually improve and provide better products each and every year.