About Fresh Source
About Fresh Source

Retail Savvy

Since we opened our doors in 2001, we’ve had years of experience in the retail environment. Our business is a direct representation of this experience. We’ve learned how to become retail savvy and we’re bringing those insights into our manufacturing. We know how fast things change and we’re here to help our customers adapt to their ever-changing needs and specifications over the years.

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U.S.-Based Design

With our multilingual international staff, nothing gets lost in translation. Through ongoing research, our expert U.S.-based designers stay current with consumer tastes in colors, materials, and design trends. This gives us an advantage as our design is always one step ahead of the game. Once designs are created, we communicate directly with our people in China. What does this mean for you? Logistics are handled, smoothly and simply—every time.

Proprietary Factories

As a direct supplier, Fresh Source International owns all of our own manufacturing plants in China. This means that production is never delayed, compromised, or done using subpar materials. Since we work on all of our products from start to finish, we can confidently guarantee superior quality without outrageous prices. As an added bonus, since we don’t have to wait in line behind other manufacturers, all of our products are created in expedited production lines.

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Responsive Service

Fresh Source International is fast, customer-focused, and has an attention to detail that goes above and beyond many supply companies. Since we own and operate all of our own design offices and manufacturing plants, we’re more efficient from design and development to production and delivery. We understand the demands of business, which is why we move at the speed of retail.

Everyone deserves products that are made to last, stylish, and affordable.

Fresh Source International gives you all three. Our products are manufactured for the highest quality using designs from our team based on the current research in trends. We pride ourselves on our quality, trendiness, and affordability. Fresh Source International focuses on customer-satisfaction to continually improve and provide better products each and every year.