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U.S. Design. Quality Manufacture.

Design follows no formula, yet without it, no product can succeed at the shelf. Design is what catches the eyes of consumers and products don’t achieve this, they’re not going to sell. Consumers demand the freshest looks and the newest materials, so it’s important to stay on top of design and development. Retail economics demand smart choices, using materials and designs that translate to efficient, environmentally sensitive manufacturing.

Designers working at table

Talented Designers

Fresh Source International is fortunate to work closely with some of our country’s finest industrial and product designers. They’re dedicated to keeping up with current designs through trend analysis, work meticulously to select the best materials, and create a prototype that is then inspected and tested before being released. Simply put, our U.S. Designers deliver.

Meticulous Craftsmanship

A product is viewed as a whole on the shelf, but the real craftsmanship shines through the details. Even the smallest compliments can help transform a dull product into a product that sells-out. That’s why wThere’s an old saying, “God is in the details.” Absolutely true! We carefully source materials and test each new design. We work to engineer unique product details that excite consumers and increase sales.

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Team members communicating

Smooth Communication

Fresh Source International works with smooth, seamless communication. Since we own our manufacturing plants, it’s pretty simple. Our designers communicate directly with our proprietary manufacturers to maximize production efficiencies. This means that we can consistently offer excellent quality at an equally attractive price point.

The Fresh Source Process

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Retailer requests new SKUs

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FSI Trend & Color Analysis

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Design work begins in USA

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Prototype approved

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Manufacture in China

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Delivery & Sales Monitoring

Everyone deserves products that are made to last, stylish, and affordable.

Fresh Source International gives you all three. Our products are manufactured for the highest quality using designs from our team based on the current research in trends. We pride ourselves on our quality, trendiness, and affordability. Fresh Source International focuses on customer-satisfaction to continually improve and provide better products each and every year.